McAfee Safe Call

Safe Call is the tool that allows people not just stay in touch, but exchange information without distracting one another.

McAfee Safe Call in currently available in Japan only.

Safe Call's user can create "Priority", "Personal safe" and "Personal blocked" lists of contact numbers user wants to distinguish from other calls received on daily basis. Any number in call history can be saved as "Safe" or "Blocked" number so user can make easy decision when and if (s)he wants to answer a particular call. Numbers can be easily moved from one list to another.

Safe Call's user has complete control over who in the list. If urgent contact has to be made, user can select this option to ensure that call will get attention.

As soon as Safe Call is installed, user receives an access to our database of phone and SMS numbers categorized as fraud or suspicious. Every time user receives the call (s)he can see if number is safe or should be ignored. 

Safe Call's Priority list will appear on the screen as standard app icon which turns into widget that provides an instant access to all group members, showing their photos, status and location. This info helps user to make a decision about contacting this person:
- If battery is low, user would know why calls had not been returned.
- If person is driving, maybe it's better to not distract him, and in this case user can setup a reminder to call later.